What do you do to help newly hired staff to get settled in the firm?

We believe that the first few months in a new job are very important. We provide our new hires with an orientation program designed to get them off to a good start by introducing them to their colleagues, work responsibilities and the policies and practices of the firm.

The orientation period lasts several months. It begins with an entry interview or briefing session on the first day, followed closely by a series of training experiences and job assignments during which you receive special attention and supervision. The orientation period concludes with a formal performance review after approximately 4-6 months.


What qualities do you look for when recruiting new staff?

When recruiting new staff, we look for a wide variety of qualities that we believe to be critical to success in our profession:

  • A solid transcript is evidence of book smarts, but we also look for street smarts & a common sense approach to problem-solving and an understanding of how things work in the real world. We also look for people with inquisitive minds who love to learn new things.
  • Motivation is also important. We look for people who set challenging goals and have a track record of self-discipline and commitment to achieving those goals.
  • Equally important are interpersonal skills & the ability to communicate ideas, to be an effective part of a group and to take a leadership role when appropriate.


Which CVs are usually short-listed for interview?

We usually look for:

  • Chartered Accountants from South Asia
  • Certified Public Accountants from USA
  • Certified Public Accountants from Philippines
  • CA/ACCA/CMA from UK
  • Qualified Accountants from Arab Countries

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